Sinetemba Aftercare

The Sinetemba Trust (established in 2010) is a South African registered charity. It is situated in Zwelethemba, a poverty stricken township outside Worcester in the Western Cape.

The charity has grown tremendously over the past 6 years. We started by feeding 15-20 children from a single soup kitchen. Today we feed 200 children from two soup kitchens; provide after school care for 120 children; sponsor 60 pre-school children to attend a creche and provide a safe place for our children to play and socialise. Our charity employs 4 teachers, 3 cooks and a handyman. All these members of staff were previously unemployed.

Zwelethemba is a severely impoverished township, because many of the adults are seasonal workers on local farms.This means that they are only employed for approximately 4 months each year. Income is therefore very low, food is often scarce and many of the children are malnourished. This in turn increases their susceptibility to diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV, which is rife in the township. Many children are orphans and looked after by their grandparents or are carers for their siblings. These are the children Sinetemba has been helping for the past 6 years.

At Sinetemba we believe that every child has a right to food, security and an education.

How we fulfil our aims:

• We provide a well-balanced, nutritious meal to 200 children Monday to Friday. (The meals have been carefully planned by dietetic students.)
• We have an after school care facility for 120 children where our teachers assist with homework and reading. This in turn keeps children off the streets and out of trouble.
• We sponsor 60 toddlers to attend a local pre-school and we pay for their transport to and from school. This in turn allows their parents to go to work without having to pay for childcare.
• Often our children are carers for siblings and don’t have much of a childhood themselves. At our primary site we provide shelter and a sense of community for the children where they feel part of a larger family and where they know they are being cared for. By providing indoor and outdoor games and sports equipment, they have a chance to socialise in a non-threatening environment.
• We employ 8 previously unemployed Zwelethemba residents.

Over the past 6 years we have helped enrich our children’s lives in many ways. We have taken them on outings to museums, the sea, the library, the fire station, they’ve taken part in athletics races and many more activities.

Apart from introducing them to the world outside their township, we have also managed to improve their overall health and grades at school. The feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive as they have seen a vast improvement in their grades and reading ability. We believe that health and education are the cornerstones of a bright future and that is what we aim to deliver.

Please visit our website for more information:

Our greatest needs:

In 2016 the running costs for Sinetemba is around R59 000 per month. This equates to around R705 000 per year. We rely solely on donations from individuals, businesses and other charities. It would be wonderful to be able to fund various individual projects such as sponsoring a child, but we need to cover our daily running costs first and foremost. Once we know that we are secure in this, can we think about expanding to other projects.

How can you can help?

Regular monthly/ yearly donations are a key element to our needs. We need this to sustain the charity.
Below is a breakdown of our monthly and annual (in brackets) costs.

Food and gas R11 000 (R132 000)
Toilet hire R5700 (R68 400)
Transport R7100 (R85 200)
Pre-school fees R4 800 (R57 600)
Staff salaries R25 000 (R300 000)
Educational supplies,
arts and crafts,
repairs, etc R5000 (R60 000)

In summary: To sustain one child for one month costs R310 which equates to only R3710 per year.

This is how you can help:

• Donate through our website:
• Donate through our bank account:
Standard Bank Acct number: 330351311; Branch code 050407; SWIFT code SBZAZAJJ

Contact us directly 082 5713228 (Marie Botha) or via email:

All our accounts are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers and can be made available on request.

We are passionate about our charity and believe that we are making a real difference in many children’s lives. We need your help to shape these children’s futures.

Thank you

The Sinetemba Team